CLIENT NAME: Bathing Solutions
Campaign started: March 1, 2018
Campaign ended: June 30, 2019
Created at: July 23, 2019


Mobility bathrooms is a challenging sector as most people will only adapt their bathrooms once in their lifetime.

Consequently, there is little brand awareness and customers can find it difficult to make informed decisions.

We wanted to position our client, Bathing Solutions, not only as experts in mobility bathrooms, but also as a company who understands and appreciates broader issues around ageing.

Specific campaign objectives were:

– To raise awareness of the Bathing Solutions brand amongst the disabled community.
– To use digital PR to get coverage in authoritative publications online
– To improve our SEO performance

Campaign landing page:


Our past strategy for this client has involved creating high quality stories on our website, then promoting them via online PR to support our SEO strategy.

For this specific campaign, we broadened that approach to look at issues more broadly faced by people in the disabled community and referenced some challenging topics like sexuality and mental illness.

We created three films, each focusing on a story of a different disabled person. We knew different audiences would identify with different stories, so we used social media to share stories with relevant people.

We ended up casting:

* Laurence – a internationally-acclaimed comic, writer and actor
* Umber – a genderqueer, bisexual makeup artist
* John – an activist and musician

When we were filming, we were very clear from the outset that we wanted to have a project with as minimal branding as possible. The product is not mentioned at all, and the brand only appears towards the end of the videos. This is to ensure that the message – the thoughts, concerns and feelings – of those that we interviewed, was not diluted amongst a brand message.

Alongside paid social, we used extensive digital PR to get our videos featured in larger publications.


Across all of our coverage – both blog posts and online publications – we estimate the coverage views to be over 166,000 views, with over 1000 social shares.

We also leveraged paid social media to push our video into the feeds of people that matched our targeting criteria.

From our paid social activity, our video assets were seen over 890,000 times, with over 262,000 engagements, comments and shares across all the groups.

Looking at SEO performance, we gained many more high domain authority links . For our key head term “walk in baths”, we currently rank number two in Google search.


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