AGENCY: Harvest Digital
Campaign started: 01/01/2021
Campaign ended: 09/06/2022
Created at: September 6, 2022


Velo is a tobacco-free Nicotine Pouch, launched into the UK in late 2020. 99% less toxicant than cigarettes and smokeless, it is a discreet alternative to tobacco.
Our challenge was to create cut-through in a market heavily congested with nicotine pouches, vape, e-cigarette and tobacco-heated products, drive awareness and understanding and ultimately, sales.
The market is highly regulated and our responsibility to the brand and to consumers has been to market the product with extremely rigorous targeting and brand safety, age-appropriate measures applied throughout.


To support brand goals whilst also meeting our objectives of growing awareness and increased market share (and battling increasing competition) we employed a full suite of digital tools through the entire funnel, capitalising on the latest technologies and methodologies. A very modern plan for a specifically modern product:

• A number of DSPs brought on to the plan to activate precisely targeted audiences through programmatic display
• Sophisticated prospecting / retargeting strategies
• Decision-tree methodologies built in at adserver level
• Best in class Paid Search structure
• Digital Out of Home (DOOH) activated programmatically via DSP
• Contextual targeting across Tier 1 media using 1st Party data; high-impact premium placements through ‘Premium Web’ partners, The Ozone Project
• Brand Safety technologies such as DoubleVerify and Quintesse, audiences targeted for exclusion and 500,000+ domain black list layered on top of each other to ensure watertight age and audience restrictions
o Additionally, geo-fenced DOOH creates ad exclusion zones around schools, playgrounds, hospitals etc

Key to the success of the strategy has been tactical personalization of media and message, targeting audiences we know engage well with the product

• Travel campaign DOOH in airports nationwide, unlocking a specific audience
• Lifestyle ‘beach’ imagery to target specific Holidaymaker audience through Display and Youtube
• Digital vans and DOOH on roads to and from Silverstone around the British Grand Prix, promoting a Limited Edition Mclaren partnership product
• High-impact takeovers of the Mail Online for huge visibility and reach


Our success has been remarkable.

In February 2022, Velo became market leader and share of market has only increased since then.

We have achieved an unbroken run of Best Month Ever for the last 5 months.

101% increase in revenue YoY Aug-22 vs Aug-21


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