Campaign started: March 2018
Campaign ended: Ongoing
Created at: August 17, 2021


Karava is a Finnish wood processing company specializing in saunas and wooden upholstery panels.

Karava´s challenge has been the diversity and dissimilarity of its target groups. At the same time, the company has to address both consumers taking an interest in interior decoration and designers and architects.

Another challenge is how to approach these two target groups by means of regular marketing communication. The fit-up of the sauna or the acquirement of wooden decorations demand long-time consideration, meaning continuous contact with these target groups.

Karava asked us to develop a marketing concept that could reach both target groups regularly and in a thought-provoking manner at a cost-effective ratio.

The commercial target was to boost inbound traffic, to generate bids for offers online.


As the premise for our planning, we picked an alternative enabling us to create content marketing addressing consumers and designers.

As well designers as consumers have one thing in common: a passion for interior decoration. Consumers want to fulfill their dreams, while designers want to help their clients in fulfilling their dreams. Based on this, we selected as the lead idea for marketing, the concept that Karava does not sell timber, neither do they sell upholstery panels. They provide solutions to realize dreams made of wood – saunas, decks, or wooden upholstery.

The communication concept we built up was based on a monthly communication package, the contents of which, regarding the themes, were the same for both targets groups. However, we were able to provide a version, when needed, concerning the target group.

The backbone of this concept was an interior decoration blog, called Puun Sielu (the Soul of Wood), dealing with saunas, interior decoration, and wood – especially from the interior design point of view. The concept attracted both consumers taking an interest in interior design as also interior design professionals. With this blog we were able to highlight that Karava is more than just a planning mill or a carpenter´s shop – it is a service business making wooden dreams come true.

The consumers and the professionals received a monthly news bulletin highlighting the topics presented in the blog and Karava services related to this topic are. The bulletins sent to the consumers and the professionals reflected the same topics, but there were target group-based contents.

All the topics handled in these news bulletins were also used in social media postings, published as well as organic ones, and sponsored on Facebook and Instagram.

The concept developed by us enables a cost-effective utilization of the version-package-deliver strategy. Based on simply one basic content, it is possible to implement continuous and regular marketing communication attractive to two different target groups.


The regular marketing communication of Karava has now been used in almost three years. As the results from the start have been particularly good, the marketing is also in the future based on this concept. The inbound requests for quotations have been especially gratifying. In January – April this year there have been as many as 92 of them.

From 2018 to 2021, the sales volume of Karava has increased from 3.2 million euros to 10.3 million euros.

January-April 2021

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