AGENCY: vandenbusken
CLIENT NAME: Stanley Black & Decker
Campaign started: November 7, 2016
Campaign ended: December 25, 2016
Created at: August 18, 2017


The market for consumer power tools is highly competitive. With the rise of white label products, BLACK + DECKER is competing against cheaper look-a-like products.

A few years ago, everyone knew the brand, usually from their own father using the products. B+D didn’t have to do marketing campaigns. Nowadays, the younger generation is less aware of the brand value and more focused on price. Competitors are stealing the signature product colors, making it harder to distinguish the products on shelf.

Time to claim a clear position in the market and start a brand awareness campaign focused on a younger generation.


Creative idea

Is there anything more stressful then finding the prefect present for your partner? With that insight we started the campaign: “what he really wants”, aiming to make giving and receiving gifts much easier for men and women.


PR à we started doing research amongst 400 man and women in The Netherlands and Belgium with the key question to women: is finding the right gift really that hard? The answer was clearly: yes!

Mini documentaries

Together with a well know documentary interviewer, we produced 8 recognizable mini-documentaries about real couples and their struggles around buying and receiving gifts. These were spread on social media to lead to a landing page.

Landing page

Take a test: how well you really know your partner when it comes gifts? Does he prefer a night in a high class hotel or a week camping in the great outdoors? Also, men could give a hint to their partner and tell her what he really wants.

Gift box

We know… we stole the romance of the surprise. Therefore, we have created the gift box. A cool looking box that can customised with pictures, colors, writing and so on. Making a B+D gift personal and surprising.


We’ve rolled-out the first phase of the campaign in the weeks before Christmas. The campaign will be active for 3 years, with a different twist every year. The main goal is to change the brand perception over the years, this will not happen in 4 campaign weeks. However, some results of this first flght:

  • Reach through PR: 3.456.140 – the message was picked up by a well known Dutch website and by a TV-magazine
  • Reach through Facebook: 1.082.484
  • Video views on YouTube: 20.181
  • Unique visitors platform: 7.353


  1. PR statement with infographic
  2. Mini-documentaries
  3. Landingpage
  4. Gift box


Available documents for download:

170359 BLACK-DECKER IDN Awards Case