AGENCY: vandenbusken
Campaign started: 10/01/2020
Campaign ended: 09/30/2021
Created at: August 11, 2021


Indeed is a well-known search engine for job offers. Indeed Netherlands, reached out to vandenbusken and asked us to:
Develop a campaign focused on HR managers working at big Dutch organizations that are not spending budget on Indeed at the moment (prospects).

The goal of the campaign was to:
1. create an impactful moment,
2. capture attention,
3. convince about the added value of Indeed
4. activate to participate in a round table discussion.

The message of the campaign was:
Indeed is the biggest recruitment platform of the Netherlands. 54% of job seekers use Indeed. Does your organization utilize all possibilities yet? Join the conversation and get inspired during a round table discussion.


What could create an impactful moment, capture attention, inform and convince about added value, and activate the recipient? While keeping in mind this is a very difficult target audience to reach…
A well thought-out direct mail!

And what could illustrate the fact that there’s talent out there, that can’t be reached by organizations, because they do not use Indeed?
A transparent safe, full of gold!

We delivered the Direct Mail together with the message:
Don’t miss out on gold…
Frustrating, isn’t it? When you know it’s there, but you just can’t reach it..
That can change… Indeed knows how to find talent. And soon, you will know too. Did you know that no less than 54% of job seekers can be found on Indeed?
We will call you shortly with the code to the gold. Instant access? Call us now: …


The first pilot, containing 20 mailings, led to very positive reactions from the recipients and got Indeed in contact with the prospects.
As a result, Indeed Netherlands asked vandenbusken to produce 100 extra mailings, that are still being spread at the moment.
After hearing about the campaign, Indeed United Kingdom was interested in the concept and mailing as well and asked vandenbusken to produce mailings for them too. We are currently working on this.
Hopefully, even more countries will follow!