CLIENT NAME: Plan International
Campaign started: 02/14/2021
Campaign ended: 06/25/2021
Created at: August 10, 2021


Plan International is an international children‘s charity. The children‘s aid organization is active in over 70 countries, regardless of religion or politics As part of development cooperation, Plan International finances sustainable and child-oriented self-help projects mainly through sponsorships, but also through individual donations.

B&F was commissioned to find the best and most accessible strategy to generate new sponsors for children. The test was initially carried out as printed supplements in magazines. The most successful concept should then be implemented in all media channels.


Plan International pursues the strategy of helping people to help themselves. This includes a good school education for the children. This is an important argument for the sustainability of the aid. In our strategy, however, we have chosen other key topics as a starting point. These then represented the central topic of every supplement.

The topics are child labor, child marriage and the topic of hunger.

The supplements described both the problem and the solution by Plan International. It also offers direct opportunity to become a sponsor for a girl or a boy. In addition, great importance was attached to environmentally friendly production and postage.


Confidentiality is an important point in fundraising. No institution would publish this data. This information is therefore never made public. As leading agency we got few insights. These insights consist of index values. 100 means the number of newly won sponsors based on a comparable flyer. Our new concept had to be measured against this value.

The results of the concept test:
– Concept „Child marriage“ = Index 192
– Concept „Child labor“ = Index 187
– Concept „hunger“ = Index 143.
Based on the test, there were 2 winners: child labor and child marriage, which we now use as the main theme in all media channels– for direct mailing, microsites and banner advertising.