Campaign started: March 16, 2020
Campaign ended: May 31, 2020
Created at: August 27, 2020


ECOstyle asked vandenbusken to create a campaign to drive more sales out of the current situation (COVID-19). Important in this campaign is to focus on the ecological benefits of the ECOstyle products. ECOstyle, manufacturer of environmentally friendly products for soils, plants and animals, wanted to inspire and activate people to use the time they suddenly had to work in the garden.
The campaign had to focus on the ecological benefits of ECOstyle products.


We started doing research on how people choose a product for their garden. Soon we learned: the ecological benefit is not a USP that triggers the decision making process enough to choose ECOstyle products. We found a key insight, on which we built the campaign: most people just want to use a product that helps them to solve their problem. No matter what!

We came up with the concept: with ECOstyle you’re done with it!
1. Done with all your gardening activities (result)
2. Done with all chemical products (eco)
3. Done for the rest of the year (efficiency)

To catch the interest of the consumer we created challenging and funny visuals to accompany the triggering “Done with it” claim. We distributed the visuals through social media and billboards near garden centers. The visuals reflect situations in which you see the positive result of ending a certain activity and/or getting rid of a problem in your garden.

So now we knew about the problems to be solved. Next challenge was to drive sales. To do so, we created the online “done with it calendar.” Consumers were guided through several steps to find out what products they needed throughout the year.


With the campaign we achieved impressive results. 8.500 consumers visited the calendar, and 7.159 calendars have been created and used to buy products. We achieved an average costs per conversion of € 1,49. The calendar was such a big success that after just one month, the client already decided to repeat the campaign next year.

To drive even more sales, a product incentive will be created for next year’s campaign. The “Done with it” poof. You get this poof when you order products with a minimum order value to be determined.



Done with it – Presentation