CLIENT NAME: Mars Austria OG
Campaign started: October 1st, 2017
Campaign ended: October 31, 2017
Created at: September 14, 2018


The World Animal Day is one of the biggest Austrian social responsibility promotions. During the activation, all purchases of Mars Petfood result in a donation towards “Stiftung Kindertraum” to finance a sick child’s pet related dream. The goal is making the brands more relevant and supporting sales.

However, while awareness for the name was high amongst shoppers, market research showed that the connection with the brands was poor and few knew about its charitable cause.

After running five consecutive years the activation had drifted off course, causing trade partners to question its legitimacy.

A complete strategic rework was needed.


Project 2017: A diabetes service dog for Michael

  • Storytelling: Tell the touching story of the 2-year old Michael, who had been diagnosed with Diabetes half a year prior.
  • Print-advertorials and newspaper/magazine ads: As key channel in the years prior, advertorials and ads used to be very generic and were only slightly adapted year to year in an effort to reduce cost. We used storytelling and pictures from the current project to make them relevant again.
  • Viral video: As key element for the campaign we created a short and emotional video that keep viewers engaged. It was distributed through YouTube pre-rolls, social media and OOH on Citylight screens across the city, where they were seen by thousands of commuters in public transportation and busy streets.
  • POS: High visibility through displays & POS brochure. We wanted to win where it counts most!
  • Website redesign: To reduce the bounce rates from the website it needed a vast redesign – modern, clear, emotional & current
  • Strengthened connection between Whiskas, Pedigree & WAD: Use clear branding, but not in a disruptive way

Keep the focus on the key message: Buying = Donating


Pet Ribbon successfully financed the diabetes service dog training valued at EUR 15.000. In total, around 50.000 Euro were collected for “Stiftung KIndertraum”. The World Animal Day will continue in 2018 with full support from trade partners.


Digital, Print, OOH, Social Media

Campaign  element description:

Viral Video