Campaign started: June 19, 2018
Campaign ended: December 1, 2018
Created at: August 10, 2018


Conception of a business customer campaign. The main target was to generate leads that are interested in a fiber optic connection of SWB. Background: SWB is currently relocating fiber-optic routes throughout Germany. Whenever the commissioning is within reach, the adjoining companies are informed directly about the product. High chances for a contract conclusion lie in the rural area, in which the internet is too slow. The potential is very high. SWB has more than 60,000 company addresses in the catchment area of the fiberglass lines.


Of course, all companies already have internet access. But companies have to cope with limitations. The creative approach was to seemingly allow companies to choose: continue as before. Or start with a future-proof solution.

The key question is: Do you enjoy sharing your Internet line with others? There are 2 answers that BOTH were treated in the mailing. People are curious. Even those who may not be acutely changing the internet provider will look at BOTH possibilities and deal more intensively with the message than with a standard communication.


The campaign started in June 2018 and will be continued after the availability of fiber optic connections. It is important that the connection can be made very promptly in case of demand. The first evaluated response numbers are more than satisfactory. In some areas up to 13% foreign customers could be conquered by other providers. It is noteworthy that the campaign works as a standalone without further media support.


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