CLIENT NAME: Instru Optiikka Oy, Instrumentarium
Campaign started: May 8, 2017
Campaign ended: June 18, 2017
Created at: August 17, 2017


Instrumentarium is the biggest, largest and oldest optician chain in Finland. They have 147 stores in Finland and 20 in Estonia. In each of the stores the client is served by professional opticians and educated, skilled specialists of eyeglass frames. In addition there is a reception of an eye specialist in every store.

Campaign brief

Bifocal users are one of Instrumentarium´s most important target groups, as bifocals tend to be quite pricy. A one-off purchase of a bifocal customer, in comparison to a single vision buyer, is priced more than 50 percent higher and with a far better margin. Our goal was to boost spring sales and succeed in selling the best and priciest lens alternatives.


IDEA: Your age is your discount percent!

A bifocal´s customer is typically a 50+ person. A discount percentage tied to the age seems to be remarkable. This is why the campaign was targeted at all 50+ customers. The higher your age, the higher your discount! The discount applied to all frames, also the most expensive top brands. In addition, a discount of 150 euro was granted to all top lenses.

The discount was individual and could not be forwarded to a friend or partner.

Target Group

There are about 700,000 customers in Instrumentarium´s CRM. As target group for this campaign we selected 150,000 people, all of them being 50+ of age and having a vision check up in the period May 2011 – Jan 2016.

We designed a closed campaign/offer involving only these people.


Printed direct mail 150,000 people + Email 42.000 people


A huge success!

As to the sales target, the campaign succeeded beyond expectations! Every week during the campaign, sales to the closed target group reached a tremendous record level.

Week 1
Share of Instru´s total sales, 9.5%

Week 2
Share of Instru´s total sales, 13.8%

Week 3
Share of Instru´s total sales, 14.4%

Week 4
Share of Instru´s total sales 4.9%

*The campaign´s share of sales/week”

For comparison:

The average effect of a CRM campaign on sales is normally 2%


Direct mailings

The offer was mailed in a traditional envelope; a survey the year before indicated that elderly persons appreciate and prefer opening an enveloped mailing instead of a self-mailer.

Just a simple message:

Please, this is your personal advantage.


The offer was presented in the letter. A personified advantage coupon was enclosed. The advantage was granted when presenting the coupon.

On top of that, a lens offer -150 euro plus a pair of darkening lenses at the price of clear lenses – the specs purchased are at the same time a pair of darkening sunglasses.


A folder was included in the direct mailing; frame novelties as well as frame trends of this spring were presented. Reasons of why selecting an individual top lens pays off were presented in the folder.

As the frames form the visible part of a pair of spectacles and compose a share of the personality, it is important to highlight them in a campaign. The decision where to buy your spectacles is as a rule based on where you will find a pair of good-looking frames.


Email was sent to 42,000 people included in the target group who had given their permission to receive marketing messages by email. The email was as well personified and the advantage individual.


Available documents for download: