B&F Brueggemann and Freunde won the Promotional Gift Award 2018 in the category „Custom Made Design“. A unique Christmas gift to customers, partners and suppliers of the agency was awarded.

Short description highlighting the innovation

It is a rotatable ferris wheel with 24 numbered gondolas. Completely made of cardboard. The gondolas are filled with chocolates. Every year, B&F and our printing partner Rehms Druck develop an advent calendar for their own customers. The calendar is therefore an absolutely unique item that can not be purchased. The design picks up the shape and underscores with countless details. That invites to discover the impressive overall picture, which will be remembered again and again after Christmas time.

The communication framework in which the product is used

It is a high quality relationship gift. Every day the recipient deals with the calendar. Due to the elaborate processing the calendars also remain over the 24.12. out at the receivers. The recipients save the extraordinary calendars and fill them in the following year and give away the calendars. Also in the environment of the recipients the calendar is strongly perceived and admired. Every year a new calendar is developed and sent to our customers.

The product is made entirely of cardboard and can therefore be completely recycled. All connections are plug-ins. The production takes place according to the most modern guidelines and specifications.

For which industry or target group the product is particularly well suited

The advent calendar is good for all age groups regardless of target group. Likewise, the calendar is perceived in all hierarchical levels of a company as high-quality and individual. Even in times when compliance is very important to most companies and prohibits the acceptance of gifts, our advent calendar has been accepted without any problems.


The challenge is to combine the possibilities and options of cardboard with a highly emotional idea. At the same time, the limits of what is possible are constantly being explored. Especially with a moving object like a ferris wheel made of paper, knowledge of statics and surface stiffness is just as important as the simple and uncomplicated use.