Create Direct had an interesting approach towards their clients during the coronavirus quarantine. Every week or so, an email would be sent to all clients. We, at Create Direct, called it the Support Email, in the sense that its main objective was to show clients they are not alone in this and that we have their back, no matter what. The second objective was to invite them to focus more on the relationship brand-client. We highlighted the importance of communication with their loyal clients, especially during the coronavirus pandemic.

Each email sent was revolving around a certain topic related to the situation we were all in. And there’s the keyword: the emails were relatable. The tone was friendly, funny and sincere. Stripped of all rigid approach, these emails were from people to people. The salutation was friendly and personal, and it was signed by the account in charge of that particular brand.

The feedback from the clients was very positive.

Giving reassurance, showing empathy, offering support or putting a smile on their faces went a long way. It goes to show you that even though what we do is business focused, at the end of the day marketing is about people and emotions.