Three organizations in the field of payment solutions and collection (DAS Incasso Rotterdam, X-Pact and Cannock Chase) will continue together under one name: Cannock. vandenbusken has supervised this entire rebranding process.

We have started determining the new identity. We’ve done this based on the Golden Circle method. During these sessions we tried to find out the intrinsic motivation of Cannock.

Cannock believes that when you fully empathize with customer needs, you make a real difference.
With knowledge, data, intelligence and empathy, they can fully relate to their client’s needs and the experience of their customers – and this makes all the difference, time and time again.

We have translated this conviction into a visual identity. Cannock molds effortlessly and almost organically to any organization. This is reflected in the organic form of the logo element. This element reflects the empathy and flexibility of Cannock.

This logo element has been used in all corporate identity materials which we’ve designed for Cannock. But we also created the design and copy for their website (


Examples of brand guide and design of corporate identity items

Homepage design

We created a campaign to introduce the new (visual) identity to employees. Little by little the employees got more information about the new identity with teasing messages. These were both e-mails and teasers by mail. In the end, the new name and logo were revealed during a spectacular event.

To conclude, we have developed an external campaign in which we inform customers and prospects about the new name and identity of Cannock, but also about the benefits.


Expressions of external campaign

This process lasted a total of one year. Cannock is now implementing all changes. A large and radical process of which we were allowed to be a part.

Overview of the rebranding process:
– Golden Circle sessions
– Brand values sessions
– Brand story
– Logo development
– Development of brand guideline
– Campaign concept internally (loading brand values)
– Campaign concept external
– Website: design + copywriting + support technical realization
– Animation video announcing new name + identity (both internal and external)