One of our long-term clients, Bosch Thermotechnology, came to us for a new upsell campaign focusing their existing customers, to encourage and stimulate them to replace their old, over 7-year-old Bosch, Buderus and Junkers heating units, with the new generation, innovative condensing Bosch and Buderus models.

What we do is contact all of the Bosch customers that have purchased heating units over 7 years ago (approx. 8700 people) and present them with a new, hard to refuse discount offer for a new one, thus promoting and increasing sales for the revolutionary, energy efficient condensing heat units.

After contacting them, we will send them a DM containing a dedicated discount voucher that they can use in the shop, when purchasing the new heating unit, or afterwards, by registering on the online platform that we built exclusively for the campaign.