Our upcoming event, IDN Creative and Strategic Forum 2022, is fast approaching and the preparations for it are in full swing!

When & Where?

October 6-7 at Suter Palace Heritage Boutique Hotel, Bucharest, Romania

The 5 star hotel will be an experience in itself. As we create our event schedule, we can’t help but share some interesting facts about the location:

  • The hotel is a historical building from 1906 built by German architech Adolf Suter, a close friend of King Carol I of Romania.
  • The rooms are individually decorated, with no two rooms looking the same.
  • It has a magnificent chandelier that is in Guinness Book for the longest Murano chandelier in a hotel. It is 4 stories long.
  • Had guest celebrities like Madonna, Beyonce and Bon Jovi
  • Most rooms have a private terrace and a view to the Palace of the Parliament.
  • It is the only small luxury hotel in Romania and is the only Romanian accomodation structure included in the list of luxury hotels prepared by the American magazine Conde Nast Traveler
  • The conference meeting room for our event opens into a beautiful garden and terrace

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