SALES BUDDY: Real time alerts for real time results! Announcing the launch of SALES Buddy, a program to help your sales force optimize market beat and achieve targets more efficiently.

We understand that your Area Sales Executives’ (ASE) and Distributor Sales Executives’ (DSE) experience several challenges on ground. Expectations from ASE’s are high, but with multiple DSE’s reporting to each ASE, it becomes virtually impossible for an ASE to track and influence each and every DSE’s behavior during market hours.

How can SALES MITR help?

Empower: Help DSE’s to stay on track to optimise orders on the beat

Engage: Help ASE’s react real time, not end of the day

Improve: Improve market start time

Grow: Increase bill cuts

How? By providing multi-pronged solutions:

M: Micromarket benchmarks set by studying sales transactions

I: Intelligence: Actionable insights from real time beat level data fed back in real time.

T: Timely alerts which are personalised for better engagement

R: Rewarding change in behaviour of sales force

We are engaged in doing this for an FMCG major in India today and they results have been encouraging.