We are living interesting times, to say the least, and the truth is our business can be greatly effected. However, you can prevent that because there is help around you!

IDN Creative & Strategic Forum that took place this October in Amsterdam has reinforced the idea that we do have the support of one another. Being part of InterDirect Network has great benefits in times like these.

Contact fellow agencies when you feel you are in need of support to win your pitches. Ask for their insight and use their talents to get new projects. Browse the IDN library of cases for inspiration, ideas and new approaches towards your clients and prospective clients.

vandenbusken and Harvest Digital is one example of successful collaboration. Their project `Improve CTR with outstanding creatives` had great results and it is proof that we can make create great things together.

All agencies part of IDN are talented and have strengths where you might have weaknesses, and vice versa. Reaching out to collaborate is the wise way to go. Support is all around you!