Parole d’élus is an internet platform, which belongs to Orange Group and is associated with 9 national associations of elected officials. They unite around digital issues to highlight local authorities that are innovating in their public policies, and to open the debate on how digital is changing in our society, the trends that are setting in, and the solutions that are emerging.
Paroles d’Élus therefore shares best practices and digital projects in the territories through files, initiatives, news and TV news. It is the subject of a complete digital system that the ten partner associations make available to elected officials.
Within this platform you will find the “Digital Magazine” which is maintained by the company Et Vous. The mission of Et Vous is to create content.

Recently we have been talking about 5G (technology and applications). Through some twenty pages, we interviewed elected officials and ministers, experts and operators, project managers and researchers, entrepreneurs and startups, in order to understand what is happening with 5G. While it is still too early to measure the impact of 5G in our daily lives, numerous indicators point to a real revolution in usage.

In France today, we are talking very concretely about train stations connected to Rennes, velodrome 4.0 in St Quentin en Yvelines, 5G docks in the port area of Le Havre, or even a new generation smart city in Bordeaux etc…

And we answered the question: Is our society ready for this revolution of uses?