We have invented a couple of game ideas for clients. But this we invented a game about a topic which craziness we all know better then any other: the daily life of a marketeer.

The Crazy Deadline. The game about campaigns, coffee and catastrophes.

A fun trouble game for all experts of marketing, using a little strategy and luck. Slip into the role of an employee of the marketing department and experience the sheer madness of your agency. Get your campaign to its destination competently in the insane deadline, and climb the tower to success. Regardless of whether you are a manager or not, everyone can tackle to get their campaign to the finish line first. But the road to sales is not that easy. After all, there are various obstacles waiting for you in the area of conception or production. In addition, the event fields can cause unrest and shuffle the cards again. So don‘t let the everyday office life drive you crazy and always keep the goal in mind. Only one can manage not to go crazy and thus escape the burnout and catastrophes of everyday office life. Have fun playing!