Get Your Best Cases Ready For IDN Awards 2021!

Great news! IDN Awards categories list has been refreshed to fit a variety of your best cases. 2021 is your year to shine!

IDN Awards 2021, happening this fall during IDN Creative & Strategic Forum, is the perfect opportunity for you and your team to receive recognition for your creativity, your strategies and your success.

To celebrate your best work, we have made some light changes to the awards categories and added a couple more. And the new categories are *drum roll* :

Best Customer Strategy 
Correct positioning and delivering value to customers while differentiating from competitors and staying in line with brand’s vision, mission and purpose in a cost effective way.

Best Digital Campaign 
The best execution of a marketing strategy across all the digital channels where consumers engage with the brand.

Best Multichannel Campaign 
Best implementation of a marketing strategy using a combination of direct and indirect channels like e-mail, social, mobile, video, traditional mail, print, events etc.

 Best Use of Content
Best strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience.

Best Use of Data and Technology
A strategic and creative use of data and technology to achieve measurable and successful results within a marketing campaign.

Best Innovation
Unique or unconventional ways of research, design, implementation or launching in a marketing campaign.

Best Loyalty Campaign
Best strategy of increasing customer loyalty and retention through rewards, incentives or benefits.

Best Use of Automation
Successful use of software to automatically send campaigns to customers on a set of predefined triggers.

Best Impressive Results on a Budget
Impressive results achieved on a low budget.

All correct entries in the above categories will be eligible for the 3 most important awards of IDN Creative & Strategic Forum 2021: Excellence in Creativity, Excellence in Strategy and Agency of the Year 2021.


Submit your best projects by AUGUST 15 and take home your IDN Award(s).
Fill in the entry form and upload your cases in the Pandora Library.

Good luck!