How can you reach your target group most effectively on Facebook, if you are running more than one business page? We supported the Amsterdam culinary entrepreneur Ron Blaauw on Facebook by merging his 4 restaurant Facebook pages into 1..

By merging 4 pages into one, we employed the advantage of connecting with a bigger audience. And the possibility to emphasize the existence of all 4 restaurants within 1 Facebook channel.

How we rolled out the communication? We restyled the header visual of the new created Facebook page. Within the technical launch, we posted one message in combination with a story video by Ron Blaauw. On top of that Facebook itself informed all followers of all 4 pages by sending a direct message as well.

Within this transfer into one page, the fan page resulted into an increase from 31.400 followers into 32.002 and fans keep on growing every day. What important is to mention, is that all restaurant reviews of the 4 Facebook pages could be kept as well.

The merging activities were received very well, people commented that they find one page much more efficient. The surprisingly side effect includes a commercial aspect by automatically growing into more consumers at the 4 restaurants by this launch of this new Facebook page. Therefore, we consider this Facebook page merge as a great success.