We won the Best Loyalty Program in the B2B sector AND the Best use of Relationship marketing in a loyalty program (B2B) for our work with Aditya Birla Mutual Funds at the 11th Loyalty Summit, 2018!

What’s better than acquiring one new customer?
Hmm, a trick question, but the answer isn’t “acquiring two customers.” It’s actually retaining an existing customer. Keeping customers coming back will continually result in greater ROI — and it costs 5 times less.
In the B2B business, it is the same. But how do you create a retention strategy that keeps your current trade partners engaged and happy?
If you’ve ever watched Simon Sinek’s TED talk “Start with Why,” you probably already know a thing or two about the importance of having a mission, or “reason why.”

We did just that for our client Aditya Birla Mutual Fund for the B2B program for IFAs ( Independent Financial Agents) called the Privilege Club.
The Privilege Club has been a significant contributor in helping Aditya Birla Capital build relationships with Independent IFAs, going beyond just business and building emotional connects with IFAs and their families.

If we were to list just three program results that led to the decisive win, they are:
1. Increase in tier memberships leading to expansion in business volume and Privilege Club Level upgrades
2. Significantly different performance of members versus non members
3. Significant increase in the NPS score by Program members

We are grateful to all the people who have traveled the Direxions Journey, our clients who have challenged us with new opportunities and pushed us to excel, the IDN network who has inspired us, our peers and the industry fraternity, to you all, we say Thank you!