60 years of vandenbusken, part 3

Substantive and personal chemistry is the foundation of a successful collaboration


1961, founder Pieter van den Busken shook up the direct marketing world with his progressive vision and quirky ideas. Under the leadership of the second generation, Arnout and Caspar van den Busken, the agency has since grown into an established activation agency. FONK magazine shares six short stories in which relations of vandenbusken share their vision on marcom. In this third episode a conversation between Arnout van den Busken and Freek Kaalberg of Jack Link’s.


Freek Kaalberg: ‘At my previous employer WEBER EMEA in Berlin I already had an extremely pleasant cooperation with vandenbusken, where creativity, flexibility and customer centricity went hand in hand. Last year we were looking for a specific Benelux agency for our brands BiFi and JackLink’s. After an open agency pitch the choice fell on vandenbusken, after which we are now fine-tuning the concrete campaign concept for both brands.’

What requirements do you think a good campaign should meet?

‘Important successful campaign elements are relevance for the shopper (in-store /online), multi-channel approach, originality/creativity catchy communication (means) but certainly also practicality. ‘


What do you value most in the day-to-day collaboration with your agencies?

‘Openness, speed, flexibility, pro-activity and result orientation … and what certainly always helps is a touch of humor & personal click … and that’s fine with Vandenbusken. ‘


How has your brand evolved recently?

‘As mentioned, we started working with vandenbusken recently for the BiFi & Jack Link’s brands. What struck us quickly is the enthusiasm at the agency, but also that they immediately understood the DNA of both brands and the market dynamics and translated this into appropriate campaign proposals which we can use in the Benelux. We will reap the benefits of this in 2022!’

In what respect(s), in your view, has the collaboration with agencies not changed in recent years? In other words, what do you see as the big constant?

‘Constant factor through the years is that there should always be a substantive and personal chemistry between client and agency. Together with equal & open communication, this forms the foundation for a successful collaboration.’ A quick look ahead: where do you think the advertising industry is headed in the next three years? ‘Digital, experience marketing, multi-channel, authenticity.

1:1 consumer communication, performance marketing.