The largest network of independent agencies

We create the work that drives success for our clients. And we never stand alone. We are a network. That means no competition and sincere cooperation. Transparent and unique. Our backbone is the international exchange between all the unique agencies that make up this network.

Here at InterDirect we exchange business, inspiration, and knowledge. Here you can find a community. A Home. No matter if creative campaign agencies, loyalty agencies, digital agencies, lead generation agencies, performance agencies or more. We are here for you and your concerns.

We are globally powered and locally powerful. We are Independent. We are Result-driven. We are InterDirect.

Discover the benefits

By sharing information and expertise, members have access to the latest industry insights and trends, allowing them to bring their clients innovative ideas. In our Knowledge Center we provide over 500 case-studies from different industries for our members.

Additionally, events and open calls provide a platform for members to gain valuable insights and knowledge and allow them to network with other professionals in the field.

InterDirect provides the opportunity for members to work together and form task force teams. This way the members can provide a wide range of services for their clients and ensure the best possible results. As multiple agencies work together, they can deliver seamless solutions, even for complex projects and time-sensitive tasks.

All our agencies are amongst the market leaders in their respective countries in terms of creativity, with an impressive portfolio of campaigns and awards.

InterDirect hosts network meetings, including the annual InterDirect Managers Meeting and the Strategic & Creative Forum. All events are a great opportunity for learning, sharing ideas, finding inspiration and networking with marketing professionals.

The InterDirect events rotate yearly between the members’ cities/countries of origin, offering a unique opportunity to experience different cultures and locations while staying connected to the InterDirect community.

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